What is TTI?

TTI is an evangelical inter-denominational organization born with a vision to bring “Transformation” into the community and to the lives of marginalized, poor and oppressed people groups.  TTI is committed to share the Good News and to being wholeness to these communities.

Our Aim

Evangelize – to have community development evangelism, to share the good news to the poor and bring self-esteem, identity and acceptance to them.

Plant Christ Worshiping Groups – to teach and nurture the new believers and make them community of God’s people to carry out His Great Commission

Train – to equip the missionaries and the leaders of Christ Worshiping groups to “Transform” the communities   they serve.

Community Development – to serve community and its needs and build them to become better citizens.

TTI is geared to reach out to the unreached people groups and uplift them through community programs and transform them into a community of enlightened people.

Our Vision

Tribals Transformation India is committed to

  • Evangelize the unreached people groups in India, including Muslims
  • Plant Christ worshiping groups among the unreached people groups.
  • Nurture the new believers in Christ to grow in the Word of God.
  • Disciple the believers to carry out “The Great Commission”
  • Train the Christ worshiping group leaders so that they may lead their groups and help those groups to become indigenous worshiping communities.

TTI’s concern is for the community at large

TTI is committed to fulfill the Great Commission, at the same time committed to building the community at large.  It is our concern to

  • Conduct the literacy classes for young and old.
  • Run creches and nutrition programs for the needy children.
  • Impart skills to the powerless to build their lives respectably
  • Bring awareness of health and environmental concerns.
  • Empower worm and children, specially care for the girl child.
  • Provide mobile education and training to child laborers and their families to help eliminate child labor.



Reverend Dr. Saheb John Borgall,
Box 6812, No. 1326, New Extn., Begur, Bommanahalli PO.,Bangalore
Karnataka -560 068

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